Server Rules

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Server Rules

Post by Vinny Mandell on Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:22 am

Server rules are as follows;

1.) No Team Killing. Anyone found team killing on purpose will be banned permanently

2.) Stay in character. Try to stay in character as much as possible, we are trying to make this server as immersive as possible

3.) Play seriously. Take the missions and your role on the server as serious as possible

4.) Must use Teamspeak/TFR. DO NOT enter the TFR channel if there is an operation underway. TFR channel must be used in the server

5.) Do not beg for things to be added to the mod pack. We are trying to keep the mods to a minimum. There is a suggestion section, utilize it.

6.) Respect everyone on the server. Anyone being salty will be kicked for the duration of the mission.

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